Activity Pool and Support

Here you can find a collection of training activities the VIM team developed and collected for you. Our approach was to create activities on different aspects of health education, which are easy to implement in your courses with migrants. If you need more detailed information on those topics, please visit the “Reading Corner” 

  1. Conceptions of health
  2. Mental wellbeing
  3. Physical wellbeing
  4. Health System
  5. Sexuality
  6. Communication

Conceptions of health

When it comes to health, illness and treatment, people do not step out of their culture. On the contrary, the cultural aspect becomes even more clear and prominent. In this category you will find information and activities to reflect on the different conceptions of health.

Mental wellbeing

Mental health is as important as physical health, with the difference that mental diseases are not as easy to recognise as physical ones. However, experience shows that neglect of mental health can have devastating consequences for individuals and their environment. The activities included in this section will help you to raise awareness and provide refugees/migrants with useful information on mental health issues to improve their lives.

Physical wellbeing

We can influence our physical wellbeing through our lifestyle: mainly through nutrition, physical activity, enough sleep etc. If you do not care of yourself, medical checks cannot be the one and only solution to prevent you from health risks. Download the material to find a selection of activities on this topic!

Health System

Health systems and respective services vary from country to country and have historically developed in the context of their national cultures. These differences often pose barriers for migrants’ and refugees’ access to the health provision systems in their new home countries and evidently unfold negative impact on their general health status compared to the domestic population. This material provides support if you want to address health topics through activities designed for migrants to better understand the health systems of their new countries.


Sexual health is defined by the WHO as a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. Many migrants can’t benefit directly from methods such as sexual health education, birth control, etc. This is often due to a lack of information, institutional education and equal rights in their countries of origin. The activities included in this section are aimed to help educators to raise awareness and provide useful information to refugees and migrants about sexuality,  pregnancy and childbirth.


Communication is a generic skill that greatly determines the quality of human interaction, not least in the health system. We express our state of well- or ill being, we ask questions to retrieve information or to get advice. In this category we focus on the communication with actors in the medical sector, and present small activities that aim to create awareness and practical experiences for the relevance and impact of communication in the field of health and well-being.